Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

Calm down, psycho.

So, he's not texting back.
You're not new to this. You've done this before.
And that's probably why you're freaking out.
All these boys you've went out with before, they all had these weird behaviors.
I know. I get it.

But, come on. Calm down.
He's probably busy. You know that. 
You had a great day yesterday. There's no reason for him to not want to meet you again. Okay, he was a little tired yesterday, but you made him tired. In a good way. In a bed way.
He'll text you later. Tell you what time is a good time for him to meet you again.
Of course he wants to meet you again. You're fun and smart, he said so himself. And hot. And he can have sex with you. Start thinking like a guy. He'd be pretty stupid to turn down an oppurtunity to fuck. I know, you even met guys who would refuse that. But you know what? They had no idea. And he has an idea now, so stop feeling "not goog enough". he likes you. He said so himself. And he doesn't need to repeat that every two minutes. 
He shouldn't have to. You have some self-esteem and don't need a guy to tell you how much you're worth.
He'll go on that trip with you. Yes, really.
But that's months from now.
First, he'll ask you to meet in a few days, maybe even hours from now. Okay? Stop freaking out.

Look, he sent you a... he sent you a smiley. 
A face. Okay. It's not a sad face.
Oh, did you really just send him another face back? 
Well done, you. If you guys keep going at this rate you'll be married next month.
Of course I'm being sarcastic.
Now go get ready, you have stuff to do. Stuff where you can't look at your phone. 
Yeah, that'll teach him. Something like that.
Or maybe not. Because, you know, he also doesn't look at his phone all the fucking time.

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