Freitag, 16. September 2016

Beautiful things did happen here...

So yesterday I went to a concert and was so inspired, I wanted to start blogging again. And here I am. Strange things happened on this blog.
And strange things usually happen in Bratislava, were I was yesterday.

I don't know how to start. So I guess I'll just type until something makes sense.
We went to see Novembre, Isole, Shores of Null and April Weeps in Bratislava, Club Randall. I live in Vienna, so Bratislava is only an hour away. I've been to so many concerts there, I would find the way to the club in my sleep ;) I actually once went to Bratislava with my parents as a typical tourist and everything looked so different in daylight! 
And the Club Randall and the MMC almost feel like home to me. And the food! 

Yesterday's concert was the first one of many to come this fall. I actually worked though all of summer without a break bigger than three days to be able to afford all those crazy adventures! 
I wasn't too excited about all the bands, honestly. I went mainly to have a nice time with friends.
When we arrived, the first band, April Weeps, were already playing. First I thought "Oh, another female fronted band trying to be...wait!" Because they were actually really good. I was blown away within two songs. So much fun, such good vibes! 

The other bands also did a great job, but for me, the local support stayed the best of the night ;)
The weather was also great, so we were sitting outside and ate pizza in between sets. I eat that pizza every time I'm there, because there's a nice little place just on the other side of the street from the club. I'm 99% sure that's also the catering bands get when they play there. At least the pizza box did look familiar to me ;)
Later I ran into Marta from April Weeps in the washroom. I don't want to brag, but things like these happen all the time. But hey, band people are just normal people too, right? I talked to her briefly and then bought their CD (I had to ask her first because they didn't have it at the merch table).

Anyway, this is just a little love letter to my favorite city in the world and me being totally excited about having discovered a great band :) Please support April Weeps on their Bandcamp and if you get the chance, go to Bratislava!

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