Montag, 19. September 2016

Band Drama #1

I love drama, especially when it doesn't affect me directly and I can sit back and eat popcorn while the world crashes and burns. And boy, there was a lot of "drama-worthy" content in the metal world in the last few weeks...

Sirenia change singers (again)

It seems like they do that on a regular basis, but I actually grew accustomed to Ailyn. There aren't any news on what she will do now, but I think she will try to stay in the metal world. If she ever grows bored with snapchat filters and posting pictures of her hugging her dog, that is. 
She also stated, that leaving the band was not her decision. That earns this news some drama credit.
Meanwhile, Sirenia have announced their new singer, her name is Emmanuelle Zoldan and she has been a part of the Sirenia choir since 13 years. You can actually hear her sing in the song "First we take Manhattan" (I'm excited! This is one of my favorite songs from Sirenia :D)

Alissa White-Gluz has a solo project 

My drama detectors went off when I saw click-baity titles like "Alissa is now solo". Sorry guys (and girls), but she's still with Doyle as it seems, but she now has her own solo project, called ALISSA. Which means, she is of course still the lady on the mic in Arch Enemy, but now she has another project to channel all her creative energy into. I'm really excited for this, even though there is no drama. Or almost no drama, when some people asked her about her old band, The Agonist, in the comments on facebook, she gave a very direct reply, something along the lines of 'these people have no place in her life anymore'. Oh, the drama! :D  

Floor Jansen is pregnant

Floor and Hannes van Dahl (Sabaton) are expecting a baby! Congratulations! Now, that of course is not drama in itself, but one might find it a little cringe-worthy, that Tuomas actually gave her permission to become pregnant. Or so it reads 
Of course, that will make Nightwish (and ReVamp)-Fans cry a little, because that also means that Nightwish will be taking a break before we get to hear new material or see them live again, after they've wrapped up this year's touring schedule. 

Fenriz from Darkthrone is now a politician

I find this so funny, because I live in Austria. We don't have a president right now because we are incapable of electing one. True story. We have tried it once, no candidate got enough votes, we tried it a second time, it was almost 50:50, but one candidate made it. The loser wasn't happy and brought in an appeal of the election to the high court because of some "irregularities" in the procedure of counting the votes. The high court decided that the election has to be done again. It should take place on 2nd of October. Now it won't, because we aren't even capable of manufacturing envelopes. True story. Our envelopes open themselves because their glue sucks. Maybe we will try to vote again on December 4th. Maybe we won't, because we are just incompetent.
Not in Norway. There, people can be elected against their will. This happened to Fenriz from Darkthrone. He actually had posted a picture of him with his cat and asked people to NOT vote for him, because he actually didn't want the job of being part of the neighborhood council. Cute. But I'm sorry, Fenriz, if you post a picture with a motherfucking CAT, people will love you. They will make you their president if you don't stop posting pictures of you with CATS. Because CATS. 

So I guess this is all the official band drama I can share with you (I also love the unofficial stuff, but I can't share that on the blog, because I'm a nice person and don't want to get in trouble). 

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