Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

Metal Bellydance

So I wanted to share some videos I saw on youtube and found deadly amazing.

I think she is very talented...and I must say, I like her boobs. *cough* They're hard not to notice ;) The song is from Orphaned Land, a band from Israel, it is called "Seasons unite", if I remember right.
Anyway, it will take me a painfull lot of dancing lessons and practising and exercising, to get anywhere near her style. Her channel name is dianabelly and she has a bunch of other cool videos (which don't have as much views as this one), go check them out!

An this one:
First: it is a song from Epica, so I kinda liked it before I watched it ;) . Second: that girl is only 19, is a bellydancer since 6 years (all according to her channel info) and I'm in awe at her moves and expertise. She has a hell lot of belly dance videos, go check her out. Although i must say that I think she overuses the shimmy, a move quite popular when it comes to dancing to Metal...

Anyways, my quest for the coming time is, to practise more bellydance, so I might be as good as the two of them one day!

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